Meet our dolphin family! We have 5 Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins of different ages and personalities living in our natural dolphin habitat. Read more about them here and come to Dolphins Pacific to meet them and learn all about them!


J is the only boy of the pod (lucky guy!) and is a very athletic and handsome dolphin! 

He is easily recognisable from the white spots around his mouth. He's also the biggest dolphin, weighing close to 300kg!


Layla is very energetic and always looking for her next session. She loves to play with her basketball!

She is defined by her beautiful pink chin and is very much a model dolphin!

She is the mother of Kei.


Roxy is a much darker grey than the other dolphins and she has a small dip on the tip of her rostrum.

She is very attentive to her surroundings and sometimes will play with wild fish!

She is mother to Momiroi.


Momiroi is a juvenile dolphin and she is still learning her place within the social group. She enjoys playing with the coral in her natural lagoon home.

She often will try to outsmart her trainers and think 5 steps ahead of them!


Kei is our youngest dolphin and is still learning many things! Despite her age, she likes to boss around her older sister, Momiroi!

She is very energetic and loves to play! When she learns something new, it's the only thing she wants to do!